Using this we obtained a model with adjusted R-squared of 0. The organized large-scale retail sector has been gradually establishing itself around the world, and has increased activities exponentially in the pandemic period. To investigate how additional factors may influence weekly sales. , XP is linear with the regression function E(Y). .

Application of xgboost algorithm for sales forecasting using walmart dataset

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. After building the dataset, a data pre-proce ssing activity was carried out in order to apply.

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, XP is linear with the regression function E(Y). . In order to predict time series data, the model needs to use historical data then using them to predict future observations. . But even this is very low to be considered for deployment by bussiness for the forecasting sales. Next we have analysed the models for multicollinearity between the variables using VIF. 3384.

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How to train, deploy and monitor a XGBoost regression model in Amazon SageMaker and alert using AWS Lambda and Amazon SNS.

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