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rpart (version 3.

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If method is missing then the routine tries to make an intellegent guess.

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01)) pred <-predict (optimal_tree,. method=.

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The only difference here is the rpart() parameter method = "anova" to produce a regression tree.

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plot() plots the estimated tree structure from an rpart() object. . We specify in the first argument that we wish to predict Salary using Hits and Years as predictors, specifying in the second argument. Oct 22, 2022 · class=" fc-falcon">method: one of "anova", "poisson", "class" or "exp". . If y is a survival object, then method = "exp" is assumed, if y has 2 columns then method = "poisson" is assumed, if y is a factor then method = "class" is assumed, otherwise method = "anova" is assumed.

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t1 <-rpart (bmd ~ age, data = bmd.

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