He is a member of Legado Del Fantasma and the Latino World Order. Ricochet reverses it with a reverse hurricanrana, a few. Phantom Driver From The Top Rope. Theme Song "Legacy of the Ghost" by def rebel - Single (May 5, 2023 - Present). Rey knocked Priest off the apron.

Santos escobar phantom driver

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Scott kicked out of the Phantom Driver, while Escobar survived after absorbing a House Call and 450 splash.

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. In the ring, Priest made the blind tag.

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After the match.

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. . Escobar capitalized and delivered the Phantom Driver for the win. . Escobar did so at Sunday’s (October 4, 2020). yahoo. .

Sep 7, 2021 · class=" fc-falcon">Hayes gets back up and is back in the ring.

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prepared by meaningor WWE NXT Results: Santos Escobar Defeats Carmelo Hayes Via Phantom Driver (09/07) - The Overtimer. entry level finance jobs that pay over 300k

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Lumis popped right back up and spooked Escobar, before gaining some serious speed off the ropes and getting a Thesz Press.

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AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER! Cover for two! Lariat sends Santos to the floor, Rey back with a shoulder thrust, Kross blocks a sunset flip, powerbomb lift.

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The leader of the Legado of the Phantom has to do is score the Phantom Driver which is followed by the final pin.

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