“I visited a high-rise building that. Mar 28, 2023 · 02:57 - Source: CNN. Interesting footage. 8 miles wide and a mile and. letszzzit • 1 hr.

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Ukraine 2023.

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4. Footage from inside a British-donated Stormer HVM air defense system in Ukraine shooting down a Russian UAV Joleee_ Russian MT-LB was destroyed after running over anti-tank mines and then a BMP-2 IFV suffered a direct hit from a FGM-148 Javelin.

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In the maelstrom of explosions, every yard gained felt like a mile, soldiers said. May 29, 2022 · The footage from the trench has drawn comparisons to the brutal fighting of the First World War, showing close-quarters combat in Ukraine’s heavily fortified positions in the Donbas. . . “I visited a high-rise building that. Head-cam footage from a Ukrainian soldier using a FN Minimi participating in a skirmish with Russian forces to the southwest of Bakhmut a week ago Sweaty-Internal2213 22 special forces members of the "Storm" group surrender to the "BADGER Brigade" - Location Unknown. FLIR drone footage from a Ukrainian drone showing a group of russian soldiers stumbled upon 2 Ukrainian soldier while preforming a evacuation on the dead 50 meters from the russian position a firefight ensued.

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In the east.

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A drone of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade dropping a grenade through a small hole in a Russian trench dugout.

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Interesting footage.

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